Parenting Autistic Kids in Australia Q&A Session: Live Podcast Recording

Katie Baylis (P3 Therapies) and Kat Grey (Spectrum Connect) are developing a new podcast project. Their aim is to put together a series of episodes that create easily accessible resources for parents who are new to navigating the world of neurodiversity. The podcasts will cover a wide range of topics including advice on engaging with the NDIS, finding appropriate therapies, understanding behaviours and more.

This open talk event is an open Q&A event. Do you have any burning questions you always wished you could ask? Come along and ask us at this event so your question can help provide information to other parents too! We will do our very best to answer any questions you may have. If we can't answer it then and there then you may inspire a whole future podcast episode. The only bad question is the one that wasn't asked.

Katie and Kat will also be available after the talk for follow up questions and advice.

This is a free event but spaces are limited so bookings are essential.

Please note: As this event is being recorded we are unable to offer our usual free supervised child area.

Title card for Supporting Autistic Children in Mainstream Educational Institutions showing a class room of children with hands raised and the Spectrum Connect Logo

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