Supporting Autistic Children in Mainstream Educational Institutions

Katie Baylis will be presenting this talk which looks at ways to support Autistic children who are being educated within mainstream school environments. If you have decided that the best environment for your child is a mainstream school it can be helpful to know some strategies to advocate and support your child. If you are a teacher within a mainstream school, we will discuss behaviors that might be indicators for effective supports a student may benefit from.

What are your rights? What resources are available? How can you effectively communicate with educators? What are realistic expectations for teachers to manage? What techniques can help minimise anxiety when transitioning into new environments?

This is a free event being hosted at Fulham COmmunity Centre on Saturday 9th July, 10:30am.

There will also be a free supervised play area for children aged 4 to 13 years to attend while waiting for parents at the talk. This area is staffed by experienced staff from the Spectrum Connect Youth Groups program. Spaces are limited so please ensure you book a Supervised Play Area ticket if you would like to take advantage of this service.

Title card for Supporting Autistic Children in Mainstream Educational Institutions showing a class room of children with hands raised and the Spectrum Connect Logo

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