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Meetings happen on Wednesday afternoons!

Scroll down for our schedule of entertainments and pricing. We plan our schedule around 10 week terms but you can join in anytime. Enrol in 1 meeting to come along and try it out, the whole term, or just pick and choose the dates that look fun. It's entirely up to you.

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Spring Term Schedule

Each group meeting has a focal entertainment. Participation is not mandatory and the kids can choose to be involved for as much or as little of the event as they wish.

Spring term runs from 12th October to December 14th




Plate Spinning and Juggling

With the Fringe festival in full swing I have managed to grab a couple of friends to come down and get the kids involved in some performance type fun. For this week we have Anna Wolfe from Solid State Circus to come along and let us try our hand at getting plates spinning on poles and a bit of basic juggling.




Magic Workshop

Still on the Fringey theme, magician Kevin Kopfstein will be coming in to run a workshop that teaches us how to perform some magic tricks.




Farmer Darcy's Petting Zoo

OK, no prizes for guessing which week I’m going to be looking forward to the most. Ducks, chickens, goats, lambs, possums, joeys, bunnies, an ALPACA and MORE! Seriously can’t wait.




Video Games in Real Life

Think angry birds with real boxes and balls to use on a large sling shot. Or Mario Kart with remote control cars. And Pokemon Go where you really get to throw balls at large Pikachus.




Water Fun

Slip and Slides, sprinklers, water troughs for boat races, water pistols and a chunk more. You will probably get we so bring a change of clothes.




Mega Disco Party

Finish off the term with a fun disco with lights, bubble machine, prizes, glow sticks, karaoke and more.


37 Byards Rd
Happy Valley


Each meeting costs $75.00 to attend. For your first booking you much register into our system using the booking system which can be found by clicking here. You can select as many or as few dates as you wish. We will reserve your dates and collect some information about the new member. Invoices will be sent weekly after each meeting either to yourself or to your nominated plan manager.

*NDIS available to members on Self Managed Plans or with Plan Management providers assuming suitable goals.

Per visit


NDIS payment accepted*

At the end of each term, members who have attended 5 or more meetings will be issued a "report" on their attendance which can be used for NDIS plan reviews.

Please note: Due to staff level requirements, bookings cancelled with less than 48hrs notice will still require payment in full.

= $75.00 per meeting

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